Snow Day

Dibble and Squeek on pillows

Dibble and Squeek on pillows

Squeek says:

Why does the weather man lie?

I wanted snow.

Then my Tall Ones would stay home all day.

But, wait.

One of them has a cold.

So she’s staying home with me, anyway!

Purr. Purr. Purrrrrr.


New Year New Ceiling

Attaching metal bars to ceiling

Attaching metal bars to ceiling. Note bare spot where plaster fell.

Attaching new ceiling panels

Attaching new ceiling panels

paint splatters on floor

Paint splatters on floor

Squeek says:

I hear it’s a new year.

I don’t know about new years,

But I do know a new ceiling when I see one.

But, why why why

Are there so many tall ones here?

And why are they so noisy?

And why are they so messy?

Watch Cat

Squeek says:

Don’t worry, Tall Ones.

I’m on the job.

Squeek in the window

Out of Cat Food!?!

Squeek says:

I don’t believe it!

Out of cat food! Again!


I’ll sue!

The Tall One defends himself:

Having enough food for just one more meal is not called “running out.”

Granted, we had very little, but no meals were missed or delayed.

Squeek and Dibble sampled from the new bag and approved.

Lizard Tail

Squeek says:

I did not mean to break off the lizard’s tail …

I meant to eat the whole lizard!

Tiny Lizard

Not the one Squeek chased, but similar.

The Tall One adds:

The lizard was last seen scurrying under a shrub.

The tail did its life saving dance for another ten minutes!

photo by blmurch

I am CAT

Squeek says:

As I feared, so it happened …

The tall ones stuffed me into a box …

Put me in a car …

Carried me off to some strange place.

But that’s OK.

I will cope …

I will survive …

I am CAT.

More and More Piles

Squeek says:

I don’t understand the tall ones.

They now have a fetish to put things into boxes.

I hope I’m not next …

Moving boxes

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