Squeek and Dibble together

Squeek and Dibble sharing the cat bed

Squeek says:

Stealing is wrong.

Unless it’s some of Dibble’s kibbles.

But other than that, stealing is wrong.

I would never steal Dibble’s intellectual property.

Besides, he doesn’t have any.

Dibble says:

Yes I do.

I just don’t remember where it is.


A Tale of Two Cat Tails

Squeek and Dibble say:

We love our dishes …

We love our kibbles …

We love our symetry.

Dibble and Squeek eating

Dibble and Squeek eating

Out of Cat Food!?!

Squeek says:

I don’t believe it!

Out of cat food! Again!


I’ll sue!

The Tall One defends himself:

Having enough food for just one more meal is not called “running out.”

Granted, we had very little, but no meals were missed or delayed.

Squeek and Dibble sampled from the new bag and approved.

Late Dinner

Squeek says:

Nothing is worse than a late dinner.

Why doesn’t the tall one understand this?