New Year New Ceiling

Attaching metal bars to ceiling

Attaching metal bars to ceiling. Note bare spot where plaster fell.

Attaching new ceiling panels

Attaching new ceiling panels

paint splatters on floor

Paint splatters on floor

Squeek says:

I hear it’s a new year.

I don’t know about new years,

But I do know a new ceiling when I see one.

But, why why why

Are there so many tall ones here?

And why are they so noisy?

And why are they so messy?


Change is Evil – Part 3

Dibble says:

I don’t get it.

Stacks of boxes.

Furniture is gone.

The tall ones are up to no good.

I’ll be under the bed.

Change is evil.

Change is Evil – Part 2

Squeek says:

I see I have to clarify what I said last time.

When I said the Tall Ones should not move things while I’m asleep,

I did NOT mean they should wake me up when they move something.

Just be patient and wait for those natural times when I am awake.

Even so, change is STILL evil.

Change is Evil

Squeek says:

The Tall Ones should not move things when I’m asleep.

First of all, they do need my supervision.

Second, change is evil.