Squeek and Dibble together

Squeek and Dibble sharing the cat bed

Squeek says:

Stealing is wrong.

Unless it’s some of Dibble’s kibbles.

But other than that, stealing is wrong.

I would never steal Dibble’s intellectual property.

Besides, he doesn’t have any.

Dibble says:

Yes I do.

I just don’t remember where it is.


A Tale of Two Cat Tails

Squeek and Dibble say:

We love our dishes …

We love our kibbles …

We love our symetry.

Dibble and Squeek eating

Dibble and Squeek eating

Change is Evil – Part 3

Dibble says:

I don’t get it.

Stacks of boxes.

Furniture is gone.

The tall ones are up to no good.

I’ll be under the bed.

Change is evil.

Not There

Dibble says:

If I don’t look …

It’s not there.



Dibble says:

I’m not afraid of those visiting tall ones.

But if you don’t mind …

I’ll be under the bed.

Head Rub

Dibble says:

Sometimes even a guy needs a good head rub.


Dibble says:

Sunshine on a cat body is good.

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