Snow Day

Dibble and Squeek on pillows

Dibble and Squeek on pillows

Squeek says:

Why does the weather man lie?

I wanted snow.

Then my Tall Ones would stay home all day.

But, wait.

One of them has a cold.

So she’s staying home with me, anyway!

Purr. Purr. Purrrrrr.



Squeek and Dibble together

Squeek and Dibble sharing the cat bed

Squeek says:

Stealing is wrong.

Unless it’s some of Dibble’s kibbles.

But other than that, stealing is wrong.

I would never steal Dibble’s intellectual property.

Besides, he doesn’t have any.

Dibble says:

Yes I do.

I just don’t remember where it is.

New Year New Ceiling

Attaching metal bars to ceiling

Attaching metal bars to ceiling. Note bare spot where plaster fell.

Attaching new ceiling panels

Attaching new ceiling panels

paint splatters on floor

Paint splatters on floor

Squeek says:

I hear it’s a new year.

I don’t know about new years,

But I do know a new ceiling when I see one.

But, why why why

Are there so many tall ones here?

And why are they so noisy?

And why are they so messy?

I am not Chicken Little!

Squeek says:

I am not Chicken Little.

But the sky is falling.

A slight structural problem!

Bedroom Ceiling January 1, 2012

What a mess

Ceiling on the bed

I haven’t written for a while.

The Tall One has been busy.

Starting a new blog Thinking Torah.

It starts on January 9, 2012.

Until then, look at the Facebook Page.

Let Me Out

Squeek says:

I want to go out …

I really need to go out …

There’s a big world out there …

I want to see it …

The Out Door Cat says:

I want to come in …

I really need to come in …

Please let me in …

Squeek says:

I want to go out …

I really need to go out …

But please, may I eat lunch first?

A Tale of Two Cat Tails

Squeek and Dibble say:

We love our dishes …

We love our kibbles …

We love our symetry.

Dibble and Squeek eating

Dibble and Squeek eating

Tickle Me

Squeek says:

Tickle me …

Go ahead …

Tickle me …

I dare you.

Tickle me

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