Squeek says:

Before you climb a tree,

consider how you will get down.

Squeek in an almond tree

Squeek in an almond tree

The Tall One comments:
This past Monday evening, Squeek ran out of the house where we were staying and climbed into an almond tree. No amount of coaxing or prodding could get her to come down.

We went to bed about 1 am. At 6 am she was still up in the tree. By 8 am, she still had not descended. The above picture was taken Tuesday morning. Our friend who we were staying with then climbed the tree and shook the branch she was on. Squeek eventually fell / jumped from the almond tree through a fig tree onto the ground. After a brief chase through the garden and the house, we got her into her kennel.

She has since been examined by a vet who did not find any broken bones or other serious injuries. She seems to have recovered from her ordeal.


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